The most ambitious of people never hold themselves back based on particular excuses. They are barely bothered by the surrounding people or their remarks. Akhtaruzzaman lived in a time well older than ours. However, he was pretty ahead of his time regarding all the achievements and contributions he made.

Akhtaruzzaman believed in new ideas and ways of living. His notions inspired him to elevate the social and economic state of the country. Even many during his time almost thought his goals were unreachable.

You decide when you start not the society

Among many other beliefs, he introduced people of his time and us that it is upon a specific individual to decide. No matter however complicated a career path seems, one can choose to start whenever they want. Especially being ignorant to the standards set by society will enable one to acknowledge and set new standards.

Akhtaruzzaman Babu engaged himself in politics at a very young age, something that would be described as ‘immaturity’ and ‘too risky’ by others. In 1958 while studying in secondary school, he became elected as a Dakshin Zila Chhatra League member. Furthermore, even before the Liberation War, he became an elected member of the East Pakistan Assembly. While it could have been somewhat overwhelming for others, Akhtaruzzaman gained a befitting perspective on the political state before and after the war.

It is the intention of the goal that matters the most

One of the most prominent attributes of his character that outshined others was his thoughtfulness. His actions reflected more on his intention to help and show love to his people than his goals. Akhtaruzzaman’s honest intentions were the determinant of his indelible success. He served as a Bangladeshi delegate and a member of the relief and rehabilitation program during the Liberation War to help the Bangladeshi immigrants and freedom fighters.

After the war, in 1975, the assassination of the Bangabandhu family increased political risks and death threats. Despite that, Akhtaruzzaman contacted Awami League members and revived the political party- ‘Awami League’ to restore balance. Besides being a political representative, he took part in protests while leading the Chittagong movement to fight for democracy. Consequently, he was tortured in jail for his participation.

One shouldn’t be afraid of a possible future based on the given present

If not for Akhtaruzzaman’s critical thinking skills, we might not have seen such accelerated economic growth. Although the war had left the country in havoc, Akhtaruzzaman fearlessly took new economic initiatives to reverse that.

  • Established several industries and factories
  • Founded Zaman Industrial Group
  • Founder of United Commercial Bank, the second most primary private bank of Bangladesh
  • Received worldwide recognition as a businessman

Sharing is the Key to Growth

Something which is known to be so conventional yet rarely well-attempted these days is charity. Akhtaruzzaman performed this oldest of traditions with all his soul, making it seem almost new.

  • Built several mosques, madrasas, and colleges
  • Helped people in need, including those seeking help
  • Funded political projects from his pocket when required
  • Initiated and funded several charity works

His success was something achieved by everyone else as people to this day benefit from it. People with his beliefs, patriotism, and kindness are scarce.  Even partially following Akhtaruzzaman Babu’s ideas can bridge us to success.

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