Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was an ideal politician, freedom fighter, famous industrialist and a great man. He was a man who always thought of the people of the country. He was 

firm against injustice and unwavering against justice. He had always shown his colleagues the way to injustice and had acted as a guardian for his employees.

A person can achieve success in life by following his great virtue, his patriotism, his self-sacrifice.

What successful people do for their success like Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu:

Babu had worked for this country and devoted himself to the welfare of the poor people. He had been able to get close to the ordinary people of this country. He wanted to get close to the ordinary people of this country through politics to get their love. He had always nurtured the spirit of Sheikh Mujib. If anyone can follow his political virtues and devoted himself to the welfare of the country, then he can achieve success in his life.

Babu was a great patriot and also a freedom fighter. Ha could understand the plight of the poor people of this country and sacrificed himself for their welfare till his death. He devoted himself to the country and to uplift the respect, pride, values of the nation. So, people have to have patriotic ethics like Babu to get success in life.

Babu was a legendary leader and an inspiration for the nation. His leadership processes attracted every people of our country. If anyone wants to be successful in his career, he has to be an ideal leader like Babu. He must be a man of a fighting spirit like Babu and follow the path of honesty.

Akhtaruzzaman was a selfless patriot, an ideal leader, and a nobleman. He had shown the light to the country with his sacrificing activities. He had deeply felt the pain of poor people by his core heart. By following his great virtues by embracing his noble ideas, anyone can achieve success in life. Anyone who succeeds in becoming an honest and noble person like him follows all the great deeds Babu had done and leads his life accordingly.

Babu was a great politician as well as an established industrialist. He had worked hard all his lifetime to make this country economically stable, just as he had achieved success in life. He had provided employment opportunities to many unemployed people and always devoted himself to the backward people of this country. So, if one wants to succeed in life, he has to work hard and work honestly in his workplace, as Akhtaruzzaman has taught us. 


Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a political person as well as a successful person in his career. His patriotic, hardworking, selfless attitude is a matter of following every human being. Babu’s life can be the ideal life for a person to achieve success. Babu is a shining example of a hardworking person. One can learn how to be a great leader as well as create a successful career by following Babu.

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