There are many secrets in a person’s life that most of us don’t know about but we should know. To say something secret does not mean something bad. You will notice that there are many people who do a lot of charity but they do not come out in public. To say something secret is basically to indicate who it is. Many of you may know that a celebrity is donating a lot for the society and the people of the society but it is not coming in the media, the media is not promoting it.

Many do not allow it to come in the media on purpose and many do not come in the media just like that. I’m not saying that when you donate, you should come to the media, it should show off. I just want to make it clear that when you do something good, it comes out in front of everyone so that everyone can be inspired by it and apply it themselves.

Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu has some secrets that did not come in the media or you do not know. Those secrets, big or small, but you must know them. As you can apply it in your own life, it will be good for the country and the nation. Let’s talk about some secrets of Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu.


Every parent in the world is a hero to their children. Expressing love for one’s children is a virtue of every father. Because it is natural that you will have love for the child you are raising from small to big. No matter how busy Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu is in his work, he has never failed to give love to his family and his children. This great father has given equal love to his seven children.


Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was interested in reading from an early age which made him very much loved by the teachers in school life. Because they guessed that this boy would one day do something very big in his life. If you also pay attention to your studies then your family and teachers will all feel proud of you and will dream a lot about you.

Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was able to get admission in the renowned Notre Dame College in Dhaka as he was concentrating on his studies and from there he got a scholarship and went abroad to pursue higher studies. Many of you may know this secret, but many of you may not know, but for those who do not know, this secret is said to be the same for you.

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