Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was born in an aristocratic family in Chittagong.  Nevertheless, he did not live a life of luxury but achieved success and fame through his own efforts and endeavours. What he has been able to do far is only through his own efforts. Because he believed that ‘Self-development is key to anyone’s success.’ He also proved it.

No successful person in the world has achieved success with his paternal identity but with his own hard work and talent. Similarly, Akhtaruzzaman has also made his own identity. Behind his reputation were hard work, diligence, talent, honest intentions and self-development. He was a politician, a great leader, an industrialist, a successful businessman, and he has achieved all these by himself.

Self-development is key to Akhtaruzzaman’s success:

Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a great man. He was a great freedom fighter as well as a great leader of the Awami League. He solidified his position in the Awami League with his prudence and justice. Besides, the Chittagong Awami League party was formed by his hand. The Awami League got a new dimension in his intelligence.

He was a successful businessman and a renowned industrialist. His business activities and sacrifices were undeniable for establishing the business base of our country. He has always thought of the helpless people of this country and wanted to create Bangladesh economically prosperously. The activities he left behind are inspirations to each person during this country.

He founded the United Commercial Bank Limited and made it one of all the successful banks in Bangladesh. He has always worked to eliminate the matter of unemployment in our country. He has worked tirelessly for the economic development of this country. He played an initiative role in establishing the private banking sectors in this country. He built many industries and factories to eradicate the unemployment problem and to build Bangladesh economically prosperous.

He played a crucial role as the business leader of the country’s business community. He was elected president twice in a row of the Chittagong Chamber of Commerce. He was also the president of the FBCCI. He served as president of the OIC Chamber of Commerce.

He was an initiator for his colleagues and a suitable mentor for his employees as a boss. He did not indulge in injustice as he did not do wrong. He was always strict against injustice. Despite being a child of an aristocratic family, he could understand the plight of the poor and helpless people of this country with his core heart. He has always worked for their welfare. Because of his effort, honest deeds and self-development, He gained a lot of success.


Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu did not succeed in his patriarchal or party endeavours but in his hard work and talent.  He has always tried to improve his human qualities. His human Qualities, efforts, intellect and thinking, have enabled him to reach the pinnacle of development. So, it is proved that self-development is key to success, neither patriarchy nor any party effort.

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