A man gets acquainted and loved by people through his honest deeds and patience. Through his actions, he took place in everyone’s mind. Every memorable person in the world has gained recognition and fame through his intelligence, patience, tenacity and deeds. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a man, and all these qualities exist in him.

He has earned the love of the people of our country through his great deeds, patience, tenacity, intelligence and motives. He dedicated his life to make this country prosperous and serving helpless people. He was the shining example of patience, tenacity, intelligence, hard work and honesty to the nation.

Quality of Patience made Akhtaruzzaman Popular:

He was a great leader of the Bangladesh Awami League party. After the assassination of Bangabandhu, he risked his life to play a special role in the restructuring of the Awami League party. He has also been a great leader with his patience, honesty and honest virtues. He has benefited and served this country with his patience and tenacity. 

Because of his patience and tenacity, he was able to serve the people of this country. So, he was able to gain the love and popularity of the people. Babu was a prominent politician, a great leader, a successful businessman and a famous industrialist. He has worked hard patiently to make the country economically prosperous. For this reason, he set up many private banks and provided opportunities to many unemployed people.

He has won the love and respect of everyone today because of his tenacity for the welfare of the country and because of his qualities like patience.

Quality of Patience made Akhtaruzzaman Popular:

Babu was a bright man in his life. He was the organizer of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra and was the committee member of the Relief and Rehabilitation of Mujibnagar Government. During the liberation war, he travelled to many countries to get support for the liberation war. He has performed his duty in the war of liberation with honesty and devotion as he had the quality of patience.

Despite hundreds of obstacles, he never gave up. He was a shining example of patience for his colleagues. As much as he was patient himself, he also told his colleagues to be patient.  He was a man of sound mind. Seeing him, it is clear that anyone doesn’t need money to gain fame; he just needs to have some honest qualities. And these are patience, perseverance, tenacity, honesty, hard work intelligence.


It is said that hard work and patience are the roots of all fame. If there is honest desire and tenacity with him, then he takes any word.  Every person in the world is known for his patience. Patience and tenacity are the keys to success, no matter how hard anyone tries.

Akhtaruzzaman also achieved success and popularity because of his patience and tenacity. Good qualities, noble virtues, great motives can make a person popular, and he must have a strong attitude and tenacity to do good deeds. A great example of this is our famous leader Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu.

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