A man gets acquainted and loved by people through his honest deeds. Through his actions, he took place in everyone’s mind. Every memorable person in the world has gained recognition through his intelligence and deeds. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury was a man whom the people of our country remember with deep respect even after his death.

He has earned the love of the people of this country through his great deeds, intelligence, qualities and motives. He dedicated his life to make this country prosperous and serving helpless people. We love him and respect his deeds.

People love Akhtaruzzaman for his Intelligence:

He was a great leader of the Bangladesh Awami League party. After the assassination of Bangabandhu, he risked his life to play a special role in the restructuring of the Awami League party. He has also been a great leader with his intelligence, honesty and good qualities. He has been a Member of Parliament four times in a row and has been elected Minister. Besides, he has spent most of his life in the service of the people of Chittagong and the people of our country.

He was also a politician, a leader and a famous industrialist. He has worked hard to make the country economically prosperous and has set up many industries on his own initiative. He has also set up many private banks and provided opportunities to many unemployed people. He has benefited this country with his intelligence, so every person in this country loves and respects him.

People love Akhtaruzzaman for his Quality:

He was an enlightened man his whole life. He was the organizer of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra and was the committee member of the Relief and Rehabilitation of Mujibnagar Government. During the liberation war, He travelled to many countries to get support for the liberation war. After the liberation war, he contributed his best role to form and stable the Awami League party. He was honest at all times in his workplace.

He was a pioneer for his colleagues and a suitable mentor for his employees as a boss. He did not indulge in injustice as he did not do wrong.  He was always strict against injustice. Despite being a child of an aristocratic family, he could understand the plight of the poor and helpless people of this country with his core heart.  He has always worked for their welfare. Because of his honest effort and good qualities, people love him a lot.


It is said that even if a person dies, his deeds and honesty survive. Although Akhtaruzzaman is not alive today, his honest intentions, efforts, patriotism and good deeds will keep him alive for life. Very few people can do what he has done for the country.  He has won the love of all by his noble qualities.

People from all walks of life should deeply follow his ideology. We respect him, respect his honest deeds and qualities, respect his intelligence and hard-working, respect his efforts. We always love him and remember him by our core heart.

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