Human beings are special creations of Almighty – the handpicked choice of Nature herself. The specialty comes with the intelligence, cognitive abilities, and human virtues that make one eligible of being one and superior to the others. But in this madding crowd of intellectual beings on Earth, they all bear the trivial identity. When everyone is special, no one is special! Not everybody has the unique exposure, the spectacular spotlight. Not everyone stands out in the crowd, except for those with distinguishable abilities.

The legends with hard-earned abilities come off the crowd and share the pedestal of honor for the place they made in everyone’s heart. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was too a legend of the same kind. Being born to a family in Anwara, Chittagong, in a 3rd world country like Bangladesh, he gambled his opportunities and succeeded in creating immense influence in every trail he walked along.

Every moment he lived on earth is worthwhile and the uncompensable loss by his death still tries to breathe through the ever-lasting influence. Akhtaruzzaman Babu may not be with us but the impact he left in politics, business, and society would prevail through upcoming generations. 

The prestige and honor beheld by the existence of Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu were immense during his lifetime. And the influence he left behind him is measured no less. He still is the guardian angel for the people of Chittagong and the members of the Party.

As we learn to know his past deeds from the very beginning, we find the hints of impression by him, forming in crystals… As time went by, the crystals together gathered and formed a spectacular lattice – unbeaten and unbroken even without his presence in person. And there is no way the influence would go underrated.


Impression on Local People:

  As we follow back the trail destined to his past and root, we find that he gained an indomitable intent to help the people around him unconditionally. Akhtaruzzaman Babu was born to the landlord Chowdhury family. But the affluence and power of his forefathers never gained on him as a taken for granted possession.

He surpassed the societal boundaries that widened his scopes of amicable understanding of his fellow people. This very inborn and nurtured character was eye-sighted and appreciated by those who were close to him. As AKhtaruzzaman Babu grew up with time, he conquered the hearts of normal people of Chittagong with his friendliest approach. His motives were transparently selfless; his actions were not derived out of any hint of envy or greed. Soon he became eligible and took the lead of voluntary activities at his zone.

His sincere strive in welfare activities gained the credibility of the fellow people and shed an ever-lasting impact of hope, trust, and honor. People found him reliable at the most critical times; no one ever got depressed after asking for his assistance to fair works. His leadership and benevolent qualities were paid off by the people when they elected him to represent Anwara-West Patia in the East Pakistan Assembly of 1970. 

From this very early age, Akhtaruzzaman Babu made a huge impression on the people of Chittagong. His never perishing impact was proven several times as he was elected as a democratic leader. 


Impactful Leader:

The leadership and organizing potential of Akhtaruzaman Babu inevitably tied him with political practices. Even before the liberation war period, he started serving as a leader with a prime focus on the betterment of the people. After contributing successfully in the war as a warrior, a temporary member of the Mujibnagar Government, and a Delegate of the foreign awareness team, Akhtaruzzaman Babu returned to National Politics.

He was himself influenced by the teachings of the great leader Bangabandhu and fostered his ideas throughout his life. Likewise, he never hesitated to sacrifice himself for the betterment of the Bangladeshi people. The influence that he created in the field of politics made him a National Parliament Member-elect for the consecutive years of 1986, 1991, 2009.

He exploited his values and ideas in the ministry cabinet too – as the president of the standing committee of Jute & Textile (9th parliament). To add, he remained accountable for the welfare of his zone – Haildhar Union. He held the position of the Chairman of the Union from 1967 to 1975. 

As a leader with influence, he exploited and implemented development works. He contributed all that the given power could offer and over that deployed his own stakes into the betterment of his people. His leadership acts still influence the people in politics and encourage them to walk along the same path of progress.   


The unconditional Supporter:

Apart from being a national leader or democratic elect, Akhtaruzzaman Babu’s impact spread over the entire Awami League. From the history of the League, he had been an organizer of the struggle committee before the Liberation War started. Because he had a positive impression on the senior members of the League, they entrusted him with the broadcast of Bangabandhu’s message of independence.

The year 1975 too came with the darkness of gradual crises and the leaders seemed to conceal themselves from the life threats. When Bangabandhu and his family were brutally massacred, the members of the Awami League were too terrified to forward. In that critical time, Akhtaruzzaman Babu endangered his life and kept contact with the members of the party.

His influence was tested at the time of danger when he successfully convinced the Party members to hang in there. He reinforced the inner strength of the Awami League and built enough massive courage to confront the post-liberation war enemies.

  Due to his continuous support and on-call liability toward the sake of Awami League, he was found eligible enough to lead the Party as well. The party leaders selected him as the president of the South District zone of the Bangladesh Awami League.

He served as the Secretary of the Central Industry & Commerce concern of the League. During the time of danger or crisis, he kept his cool and did what was best for the moment. His ability to turn the odds in favor gained the trust of the members of the parties who follow his example. Thus his influence in politics remains unchanged through the followers.


The influential Industrialist:

Akhtaruzzaman Babu did not just confine himself to politics. He developed ideas and put his stakes into the facts that can grow prosperous on its own accord once initiated. He envisioned the upcoming progress in the industry and economy of Bangladesh and plucked his courage to undertake bigger dreams. He concurred that nothing comes out of a stagnant saturated flow of work unless it is diverged and amplified. As such, he deployed his money and skills into business at an early age. He pioneered the business practice twice in his lifetime:

  1. Pre-independence Period, 1960 – when no one was interested enough to do local business, Akhtaruzzaman Babu established Boyle Industry. Many businessmen of that time followed his example and started investing in local supply chains and industry.
  2. Post-independence – when the whole country turned into a devastated battle-ground, Babu risked his investment and pioneered the very first industrial business practices. He understood that no gain can come without strategic risks and the first to approach always wins. He owned and founded a number of industrial mills and they all proved to be a huge success. Moreover, he is the founder and founding chairman of the 2nd earliest private bank of Bangladesh. Thus, his activities impacted both the finance and socio-economic aspect of our country. 

The cumulative experience in business made him a knowledgeable industrialist. Businessmen started to seek his valuable advice and soon he became an influential spokesperson on their behalf. He was the honorable president of Chittagong Chamber, President of FBCCI, Vice-chair of the 77 Jati Group. The conglomerate business realm continues to exert influence by the Zaman Group, a leading business organization of Bangladesh.           


The teachings and life-examples of Akhtaruzzaman Babu are the ideals for the present times. They live through the idealists and followers who would be the future leaders and trail-blazers in the politics and business of Bangladesh. 

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