A child is the best possession to its parents. It comes to earth with the imprints of hope and ambitions from its ancestors. As such, the children are brought up with the cumulative expectations of the family. Dear reader, you are a child to a family, to your beloved parents. We know that like every other offspring, you too have the will to become a worthwhile member of the family that your parents can take pride in.

Ironically enough, not every child is lucky and capable enough to meet the mark of expectations. But there was one child who did. Take your time and hear that worthy child’s story. 

Akhtaruzzamn Babu is an ideal politician who pioneered the country’s socio-economic progress with legendary initiatives. His name is remembered with immense respect by the people of Bangladesh. Akhtaruzzaman Babu developed an aptitude toward politics and benevolence from the very beginning of his life. All his activities and ambition met one single focus – the progress and prosperity of Bangladesh.

He was born to Nuruzzaman Chowdhury & Khorsheda Begum in 1945. It was a village named Anowara Haildhor in Chittagong where he was born. But being born to a well-to-do family never impeded his friendly behavior, neither raised a hint of pride in him. Rather, he considered everyone as his equals and later dedicated himself to the service of common people. Now, we would take a journey along his life path and take all the motivation it offers.

Education is your Prime Pursuit:

AKhtaruzzaman Babu was a student with distinctive achievements. Babu was not only an exemplary politician but also an accomplished scholar. In 1958, he completed his secondary school certificate from Patiya High School. After that in the same year, he joined Notre Dame College in Dhaka for higher secondary education. Followed by his great performance in Notre Dame College, he achieved a scholarship to get admitted to Illinois University of Science and Technology, US. Later he studied business administration at another renowned university in the US – the New York University. 

As we can see, the educational life of Akhtaruzzaman Babu was filled with achievements and success. And this is one of the prime facts that made his parents proud. So, it is your time to shine in life in whatever field you might be pursuing. Put your heart and soul in your studies, be sincere and earnest in your work like Akhtaruzzaman Babu were; and no one can bar your success.


Remember the Root of your Existence: 

If you follow the trails, it would take you back to the root of Akhtaruzzaman Babu. The place where he was born, the people he grew up with that worked as an irresistible drive for his voluntary activities. Although he was born to an affluent family neither did impede his sociability nor limited the scope of amicability. He had the friendliest approach to his peers as well as the other people in Chittagong.

The love of common people is the most envious achievement of Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu. It is the people who witnessed and knew that his conduct and intentions did not have any greed or envy within. His selfless motive in welfare strives made a positive impression on his people; he earned credibility and became a man of respect, shelter upon whom people could rely upon in critical times.

These leadership & coordinating qualities prove useful and he was elected to the East Pakistan provincial assembly (from Anwara-West Patia) in 1970. 

Akhtaruzzaman Babu was promised to serve his motherland, against which the luxurious life abroad couldn’t derail him from his dreams. He returned to Bangladesh in December 1968 after having completed an associate degree from the US. So as a child of Bangladesh, it is important to keep in mind our responsibilities to her, as well as pay our debts. Because, if we don’t lift our own country up, then who would? Only the children of Bangladesh can make the country proud with their endeavor and strive through generations.

Modesty is the better Practice:

People around you will not only recognize you for your achievements but also for your way of conduct and behavior in general. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury never took pride in himself, even after being one of the best leading politicians and industrialists in Bangladesh. On the other hand, people were mesmerized by his inborn humbleness.

He preferred being noted as the people’s leader, rather than being regarded as a successful business/political person. The cordial appreciation and validation of the mass people he gained are beyond comparison. It is an achievement that he cherished throughout his life and you can assimilate it into yourself as a priceless virtue. 

Akhtaruzzaman Babu who was an exemplary philanthropist, big-hearted leader, and visionary politician had unexpectedly a short time to live. However, Akhtaruzzaman Babu over-lives his momentary physical life flourished with accomplishments. It is the actions and behaviors we choose that keeps us breathing in people’s memories even after death.


The ability to dream big for the sake of our society and country:

Akhtaruzzaman Babu reflected upon the dreams of Bangabandhu and the vision of his worthy daughter Sheikh Hasina as he carried out and held every position and responsibilities. Right after the independence, he became a member of the parliament or an important placeholder of the party a number of times. While being at those, he never lost an opportunity to dedicate himself.

He contributed every time with what he has the best to offer. As a dependable member of the party, he proved himself reliable at the most critical times. He was a confident team-player who had the ability to turn the odds in favor. The fact that no development can be made without painstaking struggle and risk-worthy investment was his utter belief. So, he was involved not only in politics but also put his attention in businesses and industrial sectors.

It helped him create employment opportunities throughout the country. Thus Akhtaruzzaman Babu teaches us to be visionaries of success. He envisioned the potentials of development in our very own country while nobody did. 

Losing a moment means losing a chance for a lifetime:

Akhtaruzzaman Babu never waited for the convenient times and indulged in revolutionary plans up ahead. His business practices started in 1965 while he was still a youth, chasing his dreams. Even before the war of independence, he went beyond the obstacles, beat the odds, and established Boyle Industry, a factory on Batali Road. Later on, he founded Asif Steel Mill, Javed Steel Mill, Asif Synthetic, Panam Vegetable, Afroza Oil Mill, Bengal Synthetic Products, and many more. 

After Independence, the country turned into a ruined battlefield. No investor had the courage and optimism enough to put money into developing the country from scratch again. However, Akhtaruzzaman Babu envisioned that there was more space to build and grow. So he kept investing in business locally and encouraged others to do so. Thus he pioneered as the socio-economic table-turner in the post-liberation war period. 

Akhtaruzzaman Babu deployed his keen insight into finance as well. He founded the second earliest private bank United Commercial Bank Limited (UCBL). With all these pioneering initiatives, Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu created a huge impact on the entrepreneurs of the country. He was the President of the Chittagong Chamber for two consecutive elections. He was the President of the FBCCI too, in 1988. It is known as the country’s top business organization.

Akhtaruzzaman Babu took himself to the prestigious stage of becoming an exemplary representative. His skills and throughputs were internationally recognized. He was chosen to govern as the president by the OIC Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, he was elected Vice-Chairman of the 77 Jati Group. To mention, he was the only Bangladeshi of that time to work in this position of the prestigious international organization. 

Thus Akhtaruzzaman Babu uplifted the exposure of Bangladesh through his skills and field of expertise. The courage, optimism, and perseverance in the midst of inconvenient times are the best qualities of ALhtaruzzaman Babu. As we learn and take in these virtues and practice to make them ours, we become worthy children to our parents, society, and our beloved motherland.  


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