To be a good leader, one has to be responsible, patriotic, and honest. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was such a leader. He was simultaneously a politician, a freedom fighter, an industrialist, and a responsible leader. Although he may not stay with us today, his respiration, his deeds remain with us. 

The young generation of this country must know about his deeds and about him in order to become a great leader like him. His contribution to the welfare of this country will be forever remembered. What everyone needs to know is-

Babu was an ideal politician:

Despite being born in an aristocratic family and being a renowned industrialist, he was more comfortable identifying himself as a politician. He was one of the leaders of the Chittagong movement and representing Chittagong into the world through his leadership. He was a prominent politician of the Awami League party and was elected a Member of Parliament four time. 

His role in the reorganization of the Awami League in 1975 after Bangabandhu’s murder was undeniable. The loss suffered by the Awami League in his death is never worth repairing. People from all walks of life must know about his sacrificing political ideology. 

He was a responsible and humble leader:

He was an ideal leader and an inspiration for the nation. He was also a fighting spirit and led the country on the path of welfare. He led the Awami League branch in Chittagong as a president until his death. He had properly fulfilled his duty as a leader and had won the hearts of the helpless people of this country.

In the 9th national parliament, he was the president of the Ministry of Jute and Textile. He had been a shadow to the people around him in times of danger. He never ran away from his responsibilities and dedicated himself to the welfare of the people of our country.

He was a selfless patriot:

Despite studying abroad, he returned to the country and engaged himself in the work of this country. He knew that only by doing politics he could get closer to the common people. So, he chose politics. Moreover, he was a freedom fighter and the organizer of the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. He was posthumously awarded the Independence Award in 2021 for his contribution to the liberation war.

In order for the people of this country to be like him and to respect him, they need to know about him, about his sacrifice for the people and our country.


Despite being born into a wealthy family, he understood the plight of the people of this country and devoted himself to them. Every person in this country should know about his sacrifice and what he had done for the people of this country. Then they will be too encouraged to devote themselves to the welfare of the country by following Babu’s ideal.

Every person in this country should be a great ideological leader like Babu and follow his ideology. Only then will the country progress rapidly.

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