Today, Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu does not live among us, but his deeds, his ideals will last a lifetime. All his activities done for the nation inspire the next generations and help someone political success. Akhtaruzzaman Babu was a prominent politician who had worked for the Bangladesh Awami League party and was also a former Member of Parliament representing the Chittagong-12 constituency of the Jatiya Sangsad. Anyone can achieve political success by following his political ideology, the ideology of patriotism, the method of leadership.

By following his political guidelines, anyone can achieve political success:

Babu was an enlightened man in his political life. He had worked for this country besides highlighting Chittagong through politics and had been able to get close to the ordinary people of Bangladesh. He wanted to be close to the ordinary people of this country through politics, to get their love. He had always nurtured the spirit of Bangabandhu. If anyone can follow his political guidelines and dedicate himself to the welfare of the country, then he can achieve political success.

By following his patriotic ideology, anyone can achieve political success:

Babu was an ideal patriot and also a great freedom fighter. He understood the plight of the ordinary people of this country and worked for their welfare till his death. He sacrificed himself for the welfare of our country and to uplift the respect, pride, values of our nation. If anyone wants to achieve political success, he has to be a patriot like Babu and follow the path of patriotism he had shown us.

By following his leadership guidelines, anyone can achieve political success:

He was a versatile and legendary leader and an inspiration for the people of our country.  His leadership style attracted people from all walks of life. His actions and vowed are an inspiration to every people in society and humanity. His counteraction against conflicting and violent politics was solid but calm and humble. If anyone wants to be successful in political life, he has to be an ideal leader like Babu. Besides, He must be a man of fighting spirit like Babu and follow the path of his leadership guidelines.

By following the ideals of his personal life, anyone can achieve political success:

Babu was a selfless patriot, a fighter, an ideal leader, an ideal politician, and a great man. He had shown the light to the nation with his sacrificing activities. He had deeply felt the pain of ordinary people by his core heart and taken place in the minds of these people. If a person wants to be a successful politician, he has to follow Babu’s great ideals and devote himself to the service of the country. By following his path, by embracing his noble ideals, anyone can achieve political success.


It is not possible for everyone to do what Babu had done for the welfare of Bangladesh. It is a matter of good fortune for the nation to have a leader like him and to be a person like him. If any person wants to achieve political success, they should follow the path of honesty, self-sacrificing, outstanding leadership Babu had shown us.

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