Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu had shown the light to the nation with his devoting activities. He was a humble person, a true patriot, a responsible leader, an ideal politician and an industrialist.

His contribution to the country will be forever remembered. We have a lot to learn from his remarkable way of life. If we can achieve his great sacrifice and all the virtues, then the nation will see a new Bangladesh.

To be a patriot and humble person:

Babu was an ideal patriot and a great freedom fighter. He understood the plight of ordinary people by his core heart and worked for them till his death. He devoted himself to the welfare of our country and to uplift the respect, pride, values of our nation. He also wanted to be close to the common people of our country through his politics and patriotism. We can learn the virtues of patriotism from him.

To be an ideal leader:

Babu was a versatile and legendary leader and an inspiration for the people of Bangladesh. His actions and vowed are an inspiration to every people in this country. His counteraction against conflicting and violent politics was solid but calm and humble. 

By following his leadership guidelines, anyone can progress his personal life. Even though he may not stay with us, the ideal he left behind teaches us to be like him. We can learn the process of leading the country from his leadership qualities.

To be a self-sacrificing person:

Babu had dedicated his life to the welfare of this country. For this, he had to listen to harsh words in various ways, but even after that, he did not give up. He was a selfless person and always thought of the welfare of our country. If the new generation can work for the welfare of the people of this country like him and devoted themselves to the country, then they can achieve the virtues of Babu.

To be an honest and responsible person:

Babu was a prominent leader of the Awami League, and he had faithfully carried out his duties. If anyone wants to achieve Babu’s virtues, he has to fulfil his responsibilities properly and show honesty in the workplace. Responsibility should not be neglected.

 As a responsible person, anyone should be by the side of neglected people. We learn this lesson from Babu’s life philosophy. He taught us to be honest and responsible, just as he was honest and responsible in his work.

To be an honest industrialist:

He was an honest politician, a true patriot, a great leader and an honest industrialist. He had set up many industries for the economic prosperity of this country. He had always thought of eliminating unemployment in this country and had carried out many activities accordingly.  His self-sacrifice and actions had taught us to be like him and do good for the country.


Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu had all of the virtues that an honest, idealistic flesh and social employee need to have. He became a great person and turned into a subject worker on the way to build Bangabandhu’s golden Bengal. His great lifestyle and self-sacrifice have taught us to acquire many qualities.

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