The only shortcut to success is that there is not any. However, one can always take notes for clarity. No matter the magnitude of the goal, the journey will never be easy. Today we will take inspiration from one of the most remarkable politicians, Akhtaruzzaman’s life.


1. Before you Get There

The foremost rule is to acknowledge your goals and be passionate about them.

Ever since a kid, Akhtaruzzaman had known in his heart, he would become a politician while excelling at it too. So there must also be faith that you will succeed.

Secondly, although it is never too late to begin, it is best to start working on one’s goals as soon as possible. Akhtaruzzaman got into politics by becoming an elected member of the Chhatra League just when he was in secondary school.

Thirdly make sure no matter what, you must not give up. During the daunting period of the Liberation War accompanied by political disruption, imbalance and loss of order, Akhtaruzzaman remembered his purpose and did not back away. Additionally, he travelled across the US, UK and Europe to gain support and spread awareness for the Bangladeshi freedom fighters and immigrants. Moreover, after the murder of the Bangabandhu family, he revived the Awami League party despite the death risks at the time.

Fourthly even when the path divers away, one must remember the original route. Similarly, Akhtaruzzaman spent several years pursuing higher education abroad at Illinois University of Science and Technology and afterwards started helping with his brother’s business. Despite it, he did not shy away from his dreams and eventually became an Awami League member two years later, officially beginning his political career.


2. When you Get There

The key is never to stop striving and keep fighting for even bigger goals. Therefore, Akhtaruzzaman did not get elected as a national parliament member once, but thrice only because he did not settle for the present. Moreover, he entered the world of business and industries, becoming the founder of Zaman Industrial Group, United Commercial Bank– the second most primary private bank in Bangladesh and gained international recognition as a businessman.

The key to keep striving is to remain humble and faithful to one’s values.

It was seldom when Akhtaruzzaman enjoyed taking credit for his accomplishments. Instead, he preferred being introduced as a politician than a businessman since that is where his heart lay. Furthermore, all that success never weathered away his patriotism and love for the people. Consequently, he protested during the Chittagong movement to restore democracy which later even got him arrested. He was also a part of the relief and rehabilitation program to receive assistance for the Liberation War victims.

3. After you Get There

One must never forget to share his or her success with the people around. Among many things, it was sharing his success that Akhtaruzzaman had done most graciously.

  • Built several mosques, madrasas and colleges
  • Helped people in need, including those seeking help
  • Funded political projects from his pocket when required
  • Initiated and funded several charity works


Akhtaruzzaman did not only fight for his dreams but a better future and nation too. It is the good intentions that pull one through during the darkest times. To this day, his story does not cease to inspire the youth

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