Success can be described as something ‘bittersweet’. The idea and result of success are indeed astonishingly satisfying hence can be termed as sweet. In contrast, the more critical part, which is the journey on route to success, is not always pretty; therefore comes the bitter part. However, in the end, it is always worth it. 

How Akhtaruzzaman did It

There is always an exception, the common saying that the person who turns passion into their way of living never works a day in their lives. So, technically that seems to be quite successful. The definition of success often tends to confine its meaning to others. It is not always the imposing outcomes, but the small progress made and leaps taken every day are also successes.

Akhtaruzzaman Babu did not become successful overnight; neither did he set that goal. He followed his heart which later led him to his success. Therefore, one must never forget to set the goal to listen to one’s heart and passions since success is not the goal but rather a consequence of our actions. Whatever Akhtaruzzaman did, it was what he wanted to do, not what he felt obligated to do. Whether it be political contributions or the establishment of numerous industries and factories, the wish to help bring a better future for his people and country always fueled him.

Success as an Entrepreneur and Industrialist

  • Established several industries and factories
  • Founded Zaman Industrial Group
  • Founder of United Commercial Bank, making the foundation of the private banking sector of Bangladesh
  • Received worldwide recognition as a businessman

How to continue to Succeed

As long as one urges to grow, so will their dreams. The key is never to stop striving and keep fighting for even bigger goals. Therefore, Akhtaruzzaman did not get elected as a national parliament member once, but thrice only because he did not settle for the present. Moreover, he entered the world of business and industries, becoming the founder of Zaman Industrial Group, United Commercial Bank- the second most primary private bank in Bangladesh and gained international recognition as a businessman.

The key to keep striving is to remain humble and faithful to one’s values. It was seldom when Akhtaruzzaman enjoyed taking credit for his accomplishments. Instead, he preferred being introduced as a politician than a businessman despite the praise received. Furthermore, all that success never weathered away his patriotism and love for the people.

With Success comes Responsibilities

Akhtaruzzaman never missed an opportunity to provide help and care to others. Even though helping others was never anything like submitting to his responsibilities for him, he enjoyed doing it from the very beginning. Hence he never held back from sharing his success with others. Being successful will cause others to look up to that person, so he or she must always responsibly make use of the power.

Akhtaruzzaman’s Charity Works

  • Built several mosques, madrasas and colleges
  • Helped people in need, including those seeking help
  • Funded political projects from his pocket when required
  • Initiated and funded several charity works

Above anything else, one must strictly remember there are always consequences. Especially in business, one must remain honest and faithful to one’s original goals to achieve success, just like Akhtaruzzaman. Along with that, determination plays a key role indeed.

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