Although the love for the mother is more expressed, the secret love for the father is not so much expressed, and yet we all feel its depth and enormity with all our heart. We have a sense of motivation and strength in this feeling. The love of parents swings in our blood from birth. Deep down in the chest there is joy, I feel all the hardships and problems intensely. 

We got to know the two of them through this. I feel the depth of love of my parents in the midst of many complexities of life. Parents have a lot of dreams about children. The father shows the dream, shows the way, and also gives instructions, but the reality is that the mother carefully carries that dream in herself and instills it in the child with absolute compassion.

Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was very happy with this great leader. He always showed love and affection towards his family. Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu always take care as like what every father needs to do from their heart . He fulfilled his role as an ideal father. He established his family by educating his children. Since he was an educated man, he must have been trying to do something good for the future of his children.

Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was the same with all of his childrens. He kept an eye on every child. He made everyone idealized in his own way with a good education. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was active  in politics and business, he was a very busy man but the ideal father never forgot to spend moments with his sweet family. Because he knew that not only did he have to focus on his career, he also had to give enough time to his family. Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a perfect role model for the childrens.

Family of Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu  

Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu got higher education from abroad and returned to his home country to join his elder brother’s business. A man gets married only when he acquires the ability to stand on his own two feet. Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was married to Nur Nahar Zaman, the second daughter of the late Alhaj Sirajul Islam Chowdhury of Boalkhali Upazila, Chittagong.

He became the father of three sons and four daughters. The names of the children’s are – Roxana Zaman Chowdhury, Afroza Zaman Chowdhury, Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, Asifuzzaman Chowdhury, Farhana Zaman Chowdhury, Anisuzzaman Chowdhury Rony And Nina Kawrajaki Zaman Chowdhury.

The first attempt of an ideal father is to educate the child in such a way that they behave in a polite, courteous manner, respecting adults, especially girls. Dad is a role model in everyone’s life. Children’s heads are small, they will never do anything. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was generous to the boys and girls. He wished that boys and girls would be educated in a way that would make them proud. 

She gave her children freedom but controlled. An ideal father makes all the difference in a child’s life. He is the pillar of their strength, support and field. What a good father can do for his child is what the beloved leader Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu did for his children.

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