The world is full of aspiring political leaders however alas, only a few live as much as the management ideals. In reality, many political leaders seem to critically lack a number of the maximum crucial management traits, which includes integrity and duty.

Political leaders are vitally important – through the authority of presidency, they verify the distribution of power and sources, construct relationships with different stakeholders and make choices that could have extraordinary effect at the well-being of a country and its humans.


Management in the political framework calls for a focus at the lengthy-time period exact of a rustic, above and in advance of any private short-time period gains. Correct political leadership calls for a mixture of aura and integrity, in addition to the potential to assess a scenario and make a selection based totally on what would be quality for the finest wide variety of human beings.

Most of all, leadership in a political framework requires ‘statesmanship’ – in place of simply being a ‘flesh presser’ – this means having the integrity and willingness to stand up for what is proper, even if it approach resigning a position in authorities or dropping an election.


No one can be a great politician if he wants to. It requires indomitable willpower and hard work. Our leader Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu has performed such deeds in his life that he has become great to everyone without he knowing this.

He did not force anyone to love him but everyone loved our leader from their heart and still loves him. From the moment he set foot in politics, he started showing one surprise after another. Those who have read his biography must know that he loved politics from his childhood. He had a strong desire to become a mature politician long ago.


I stated earlier than that His love for politics doubled when he was a teenager. So he conceived himself that anything he did in life, he might live in politics. While managing his elder brother’s business, his mind was on politics. So exactly 2 years after joining the business Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu joined the Awami League in 1967. From then on, the political profession of “Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu” started permanently.

He was an elected member of “Halidhar Union Parishad” In 1967. As soon as he entered politics, he commenced to show his brilliance. Ever since he did some politics while in high school, he had the idea of ​​setting up his career in politics. He started holding various positions due to his various skills in politics. Gradually he became a popular politician. Everyone started recognizing him. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was an elected Member of the Provincial Council (MPA) in 1970. 


This great leader why so popular? Do you know? Okay, listen. He played an unforgettable role during the liberation war thats why people still can’t forget him. Akhtaruzzaman Babu helped in the great liberation war of Bangladesh from behind. Akhtaruzzaman has been lively in numerous activities on the grounds that the start of the war of liberation.

He joined the team to fight against the enemies as he had love, affection and patriotism towards the country. How much can a person do for his motherland? As much as possible, it is recorded in the pages of history. This great politician of ours has done precisely what the whole world kbow him for his bravest appropriate works.


As a great politician he did everything for his nation, country and peoples. He was also involved in many charitable and social works. He helped the poors and stay with everyone of his society and district. Everyone loves him for his this type of mentality and mannerism. Thats why Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu is a great politician for all.

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