Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a prominent politician who had worked for the Bangladesh Awami League party and, he was also a former Member of Parliament representing the Chittagong-12 constituency of the Jatiya Sangsad. He was an enlightened social worker who sacrificed himself for the welfare of our country and to uplift the respect, pride, values of our nation. Today, he may not be among us, but his deeds will last a lifetime.

He was a freedom fighter:

He was the organizer of the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, which has become memorable in history to form a public opinion for the liberation war of Bangladesh and for providing inspiration to the freedom fighters. During the liberation war, he went to India and carried out many activities for the welfare of the refugees. His contribution to the liberation war will be forever remembered.

He was an ideal politician:

He was an enlightened man in his political life. He had worked for this country besides highlighting Chittagong through politics and had been able to get close to ordinary people. His role in the reorganization of the Awami League in 1975 after Bangabandhu’s murder was undeniable. The loss suffered by the Awami League in his death is never worth repairing. He wanted to be close to the ordinary people of our country through politics, to get their love. People from all walks of life deeply respect his political ideology.

He was a great leader:

He was an ideal leader and an inspiration for the next generation. His leadership style attracted people from all walks of life. He was also a fighting spirit and led the country on the path of welfare. He had shown the light to the nation through his leadership. He will be remembered by everyone for his great ideals.

He was a true patriotic:

Babu was very close to the ordinary people of Bangladesh and deeply understood their plight by his core heart and worked for their welfare till his death. He was an ideal country lover and one of the visionary man behind the creation of the Shonar Bangla dream of Bangabandhu. Babu was a selfless man and always thought of the people that’s why he took place in the  people’s mind.

He was a renowned industrialist and a social worker:

Not only a politician but also Babu was a successful businessman, an industrialist and a prominent social worker. He founded the United Commercial Bank Limited. He had always worked to eliminate the problem of unemployment in Bangladesh. For this reason, he set up this bank and many others factories in our country. He had worked tirelessly for the economic development of Bangladesh. Besides, he established many madrasas, mosques, schools, colleges and was also involved in many charitable and social works.


Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a selfless patriot, a fighter, an ideal politician and an ideal leader. He worked for the country and served the people till his death. He was a benevolent man, versatile and legendary leader who sacrificed himself for the welfare of the people of Bangladesh. He does not live among us today, but his deeds, his ideals still make him memorable. All his activities done for the nation inspire the next generations.

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