If you want to be the founder of an organization or something else, you must need to have many qualities. It is often seen that there is enough money but not enough quality or knowledge to deprive you of being a founder. Again, to be a founder, you have all the skills, knowledge, qualities, etc., but do not have the necessary means due to which your dream of being a founder is no longer realized.

Everything is actually a game of luck. Whoever’s destiny will support him can be well-established. Of course, it has its own skills and hard work. Being a well-established person is not an easy task at all. Perseverance, labor, thought, struggle, hard work, willpower, goal are all there to be if you want to be a well-established person or founder.

Our great leader Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a man who had everything from money to the support of the people. He was a very intelligent entrepreneur. Starting from scratch, he became the founder of UCB Bank.


He was fourteen in business. He was a very active person in politics as well as in business. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a pure businessman and entrepreneur. Similar to politics before independence, he built a production company called Royal corporation on Batali road.

In addition to his personal manufacturing unit, he also took care of his elder brother’s factories. He later built various organizations with his own hard work and qualifications. Some of the businesses he has fashioned are – Asif metal Mill, Javed metal Mill, Asif synthetic, Pan Mango Vegetable, Afroza Oil Mill and many others. 


From all this, his experience gradually increased. He has gradually learned how to do business and has built one factory after another. He was active in politics and he was also a magnetic person in business. He always wanted to do something big because he wanted that everyone remember him even after his death.

He wanted to keep his name unforgettable in more or less all sectors. So he never hesitated to build different institutions for different purposes. One day he thought, let’s open a bank.


UCB Bank, full name of United Commercial Bank, was finally established according to his own ideas and plans. So as i say, Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu is the founder and founding chairman of UCB, the 2nd largest private financial bank in Bangladesh.

His biggest contribution is today’s “United Commercial Bank”, many call it UCB Bank. The bank was founded on 26th of june,1983. He has played a very important role in pioneering the establishment of the private banking sector in Bangladesh. 


In that point, the government owns stocks inside the financial institution. The financial institution is indexed in each Dhaka inventory alternate and Chittagong inventory change. It has considering been capable of set up itself as one of the largest first technology banks in Bangladesh.

With a tremendous community of 204 branches the financial institution has already made a distinct mark inside the realm of private zone Banking through personalized provider, progressive practices, dynamic technique and green management. The bank has increased its arena in special and numerous segments of banking like Retail Banking, SME Banking, corporate Banking, Off-shore Banking, and Remittance etc.

besides numerous deposit and loan merchandise of Retail Banking, the bank caters export and import loan to deserving candidates which in turn helps the general economy of the country thru improved incomes of foreign exchange. The bank, aiming to play a leading function in the monetary activities of BD, is firmly engaged in the improvement of trade, trade and enterprise by way of making an investment in community enlargement and new generation adoption to have aggressive gain.


Since the establishment of this bank, employment of lakhs of unemployed youth has been arranged. Akhtaruzzaman Babu was kind and compassionate towards his staff. His main goal was to satisfy the consumers. He took the initiative to establish this bank with the development of the country in mind and he has succeeded in this. So it is easy to say that Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a great founder of UCB Bank.

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