Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was an ideal politician who was elected as Parliament Member in 1986, 1991, 2008 from the Chittagong-12 constituency as a Bangladesh Awami League candidate. He was elected the president of the South Chittagong District unit of the Awami League in 1977. He held this position until his death.

He was a pioneer leader of the Awami League. He has built the Chittagong Awami League little by little through his great deeds and hard work. He believed that only by doing politics could he serve the country and take place in the hearts of the common people of this country.

As a political leader, Babu was a shining star:

He was a real hero and a shining star of the Chittagong Awami League. In the 1970 elections, he was elected as a Provincial Assembly member from Anwara West Patiya on Awami League ticket. And from then on, the professional political journey began. Moreover, he was associated with the Awami League party when he was a student.

He was a great leader of the Bangladesh Awami League. His role in the restructuring of the Awami League after the liberation war was undeniable. He had restructured the Awami League at the risk of his life. Moreover, he was a pioneer leader in the reconstruction and development of Chittagong after the war of liberation.

Political was the means of greater human welfare to him. He was always working hard to uphold Bangabandhu’s ideology through the Awami League party. He was one of the leaders of the Chittagong movement, and he played a strong role in the anti-autocracy movement in the 1980s. For this, he was tortured in prison, but still, he did not back down.

Akhtaruzzaman was not only a politician but also a freedom fighter, one of the facilitators of the liberation war. He devoted himself his whole life to the people of Chittagong and Anwara Karnaphuli. He has built a strong position in the Chittagong Awami League in his hard-working life. The young generation of this country will devote themselves to the work of the country; Babu has left with that ideal and deeds.

Babu was one of the people who sacrificed himself to achieving respect, pride, values of all Bangladeshi people. He has earned respect with his love, fearlessness. As he was tough against injustice, just like that, he was humble in acquiring good qualities in his political life. He was not only a guide to the people of Chittagong but also to the people of the whole country.


A person is remembered forever through his honest deeds. In the same way, Babu has won the hearts of the common people through his actions. As honest as he was in his political life, he has improved the Awami League Party through hard work. He has also raised Chittagong in the world by forming the Awami League party.

He was a renowned industrialist as well as an ideal politician. He has worked all his life for his native Chittagong and fought for the Chittagong Awami League all his life. Babu was a real hero for the people of Chittagong, and the Awami League will always remember a leader like him.

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