We all know Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu for his achievements and contributions. However, it is more necessary for us to see the essence of his existence. He was a man with clear goals ahead, all threaded by his love and affection towards the people and the country.

His patriotism led him to risk his life and success, but nothing was worth anything more than helping the country and its people. Therefore, we all shall agree not only does he deserve the 2021 Independence Award but lifelong gratitude from us.

Childhood and Education

Akhtaruzzaman was academically very talented. He graduated from Patiya Model High school. Afterwards, Babu got into one of the renowned colleges of Dhaka, Notre Dame College. In 1958 while studying in secondary school, he became elected as a Dakshin Zila Chhatra League member. Moreover, Babu received a scholarship for his academic brilliance during the intermediate level. Subsequently, he moved to the USA to pursue higher education at the Illinois University of Science and Technology.

Life in Politics

Akhtaruzzaman returned to Bangladesh with a degree and immediately started lending a hand in his elder brother’s commercial business. Then again, he was someone who did not give up on his goals or beliefs. Eventually, Akhtaruzzaman became an official part of the political group Awami League, finally beginning his political career.

Political Journey

  • 1967: Became an elected member of Halidhar Union Parishad
  • 1970: Became an elected Provincial Assembly member
  • 1971 (Liberation War): Organized and regulated the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra
  • 1972:Became Bangladesh constitutional council member and played a significant role in reforming the constitution
  • 1975: After the murder of Bangabandhu, the dishevelled Awami league party was revived and brought back by Akhtaruzzaman


His ambition led him to become elected national parliament member, not one but three times in the years 1986,1991, and 2008.

Love for his country

Akhtaruzzaman travelled as a representative of Bangladesh to the US, UK, Europe to gain international support and awareness for the Bengali freedom fighters. He also worked as a voluntary member of the relief and rehabilitation programme of the Mujibnagar government.

Akhtaruzzaman was determined to rebuild the country for good and leave behind seeds that can nurture. Despite refusing to introduce himself as an industrialist, he paved the path to a better economy. His first project was the construction of the factory called Boyle industry in 1965. Later on, along with establishing other industries and factories, the United Commercial Bank was founded by Akhtaruzzaman Babu, which was the second most primary private bank in Bangladesh.

Charity Work

Akhtaruzzaman always strived to help others. His charity was never out of obligation but rather out of love and joy. Out of all the things learnt we have noticed, Babu did not do anything while expecting returns. He was instead a selfless man.

  • Built several mosques, madrasas and colleges
  • Helped people in need, including those seeking help
  • Funded political projects from his pocket when required
  • Initiated and funded several charity works


We will become aware of great personalities with the passing years, but we might not be fortunate enough to know someone like Akhtaruzzaman ever again. The best way to pay our respects would be to remember him not as someone who succeeded but someone who loved his country.

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