Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu is not only a name but also an enlightened idol along with the quality of outstanding leadership. He was born on 1st May 1945 in a very aristocratic and highly-educated family. He was a famous politician and one of the mentors of the greatest liberation war of Bangladesh. He always felt comfortable introduce himself as a politician in spite of being one of the best industrialists in Bangladesh. This enormous friendly person was fond of all the mass people whom people could trust.


5 Real-Life Lessons


  • Contribution towards Liberation War-

He led the front role of an organizer of the great liberation war.   He was a member of the relief and rehabilitation committee of the Mujibnagar government.  He went to India to ensure the took the responsibilities of Bangladeshi immigrants to ensure their safety. In the middle of the war, he visited many areas of Europe to gather knowledge for the development of Bangladesh.


  • A courageous Politician-

To Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu, politics signified greater human welfare. He had always stood behind his fellow politicians and did every possible thing for the Bangladesh Awami League. After independence, he was elected a Parliament member in 1986, 1991, and 2009 respectively. He was also elected President of the South District Awami League. He also served as the Central Industry and Commerce Secretary of the Bangladesh Awami League.  He endangered his life in the improvement of the party’s leaders and workers after the slaughter of Bangabandhu and his family in 1975. His leadership quality was also noticed in the eighties’ anti-authoritarian movement. Though he was tortured a few times while protesting against dictatorship, he never backed out.


  • A Successful Industrialist-

Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury babu was one of the leading entrepreneurs who never ran after gain and profitability. Rather than he worked hard and expanded his businesses and gathered lifetime experience. Before independence, he started up a factory named Boyle Industry on Batali Road. Later on, he expanded his business by establishing several mills and companies and shifted his focus to the left-out foreign mills. He purchased Vanguard Steel Mill and Synthetic Resin Products and constructed his own company ‘Zaman Industrial Group’. He reinforced the foreign-owned Aramit Mill and established on a solid foundation. Besides, he was the founder and founding chairman of United Commercial Bank Limited (UCBL), the country’s second private bank.


  • Developed Chittagong-

This generous person was elected twice as the President of the Chittagong Chamber. He developed several parts of Chittagong within his parliamentary rights. He thought of not only about the infrastructure but also to settle down the lives of people afresh. He had a soft corner for the people of Anowara Karnaphuli as this is the place where he was born.  He established lots of mosques, madrasas, and academic institutions in Anowara and West Patiya in Chittagong.  He kept himself busy by doing welfare and charitable activities from the very beginning of his life.


  • Worked for Social Well-being-

In our country, most politicians entirely depend on the monetary privileges or state fundings they get from the party. Illegal sanctions and exploitation are common underground practices. Yet, he avoided all those unfair means strictly as he believed in working hard with morality.  He used to payout from his own hard-earned money whenever the Party faced any unusual scarcity due to insufficient funding.  His satisfaction lied in watching the welfare projects executed successfully from his contribution.




Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu led a remarkable life turning all the odds into favor. He established a milestone of progress in politics, business, and leadership, making his life story worthy of following. Though this heroic person is not with us today, his memories will always be cherished because of his legendary position and integrity. This person sacrificed his whole life to elevate the pride of Bangladesh with the ideology of Bangabandhu. He will be forever awake within the residents of Bangladesh.

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