Every day in our lives we meet several people. Some offer friendship or advice or help, or some are just acquaintances. Then, those people, no matter what they deliver or take, become rather difficult to forget. They remain indelible in our memories. Akhtaruzzaman Babu– one of the greatest politicians, was unequivocally an extraordinary person with several attributes tough to believe.

Someone to whom his country meant more than his life

Akhtaruzzaman did not only cherish his country and its people. He had a vision. He believed in preserving the things that mattered most to him since it was his only love language for us. Babu was aware of the risks of the lives of his own and loved ones. According to him, it was a minimal price to pay for his country. Therefore he never turned back.

He served as a Bangladeshi delegate and a member of the relief and rehabilitation program during the Liberation War to help the Bangladeshi immigrants and freedom fighters. After the war, in 1975, the assassination of the Bangabandhu family increased political risks and death threats. Despite that, Akhtaruzzaman contacted Awami League members and revived the political party- ‘Awami League’ to restore balance. Besides being a political representative, he took part in protests while leading the Chittagong movement to fight for democracy. Afterward, he was tortured for his participation in jail.

Akhtaruzzaman was not afraid of what others said

Even when he was a kid, Akhtaruzzaman was headstrong about his goals. It is indeed impossible to believe that he got into politics only during his teenage years. Moreover, he refused to pay attention to what others said regarding his choice or age of pursuit.

In 1958 while studying in secondary school, he became elected as a Dakshin Zila Chhatra League member. Furthermore, even before the Liberation War, he became an elected member of the East Pakistan Assembly. While it could have been somewhat overwhelming for others, Akhtaruzzaman gained a befitting perspective on the political state before and after the war.

Babu believed that there was always more to fight for

After building a lucrative career in politics and ensuring political balance for the country, Babu could not help doing more. He believed it was possible to create a productive economy. All there was to do was try. So he went ahead and turned Phoenix out of the ashes of our economy.

  • Founded Zaman Industrial Group
  • Founder of United Commercial Bank, the second most primary private bank of Bangladesh
  • Received worldwide recognition as a businessman

Someone as kind as Akhtaruzzaman is pretty difficult to find these days

Akhtaruzzaman never missed an opportunity to help others, even when it became strenuous for him. It was his giving nature that will become impossible for us to forget.

  • Built several mosques, madrasas, and colleges
  • Helped people in need, including those seeking help
  • Funded political projects from his pocket when required
  • Initiated and funded several charity works

People like Akhtaruzzaman are rare to find, but they can exist if we embrace those difficulties and take inspiration from his hardships. Above everything else, a little faith is a must. Babu did not live during a time when his accomplishments sounded easy. It sounded somewhat crazy, but his confidence in himself and his intentions made it possible.

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