Every individual has specific attributes that develop their personality. Some of those key qualities stand out the most, making each person different from the other. The majority of humans share standard features such as being kind, loving, responsible etc. However, when some qualities shine through a person, those qualities define that person into who he or she is. Similarly, one of the most renowned personalities, Akhtaruzzaman Babu, was many things; most importantly, he was kind, determined and devoted.


Unequivocally, Akhtaruzzaman Babu was one of the most dedicated people to have lived. Whatever he did, it was his dedication towards that work that made it so glorious. He did not only show dedication towards his country and its people but also his goals.

He served as a Bangladeshi delegate and a member of the relief and rehabilitation programme during the Liberation War to help the Bangladeshi immigrants and freedom fighters. After the war, in 1975, the assassination of the Bangabandhu family increased political risks and death threats. Despite that, Akhtaruzzaman contacted Awami League members and revived the political party- ‘Awami League’ to restore balance. Besides being a political representative, he took part in protests while leading the Chittagong movement to fight for democracy. Consequently, he was tortured in jail for his participation.

Ever since being a kid, he dedicated himself to becoming a fine politician. In 1958 while studying in secondary school, he became elected as a Dakshin Zila Chhatra League member. Furthermore, even before the Liberation War, he became an elected member of the East Pakistan Assembly. While it could have been somewhat overwhelming for others, Akhtaruzzaman gained a befitting perspective on the political state before and after the war.


Akhtaruzzaman was ambitious about plenty of things, starting from building a better future to becoming a worthy political representative. He never ceased to extend his boundaries. During his time, the country’s state, due to the war, was not favorable for either politics or business. Despite that, he was determined about forging a nation that was both economically and politically sustainable. If not for his determination, we as a country might have been few steps behind today.

  • Established several industries and factories
  • Founded Zaman Industrial Group
  • Founder of United Commercial Bank, the second most primary private bank of Bangladesh
  • Received worldwide recognition as a businessman


You will find very few people as caring and kind as Akhtaruzzaman Babu. His actions reverberated the generosity within him. Even people to this day appreciate his giving nature towards everyone. It all rounds back to his major quality, which is his love for the people. He took as many chances as possible to help others.

  • Built several mosques, madrasas and colleges
  • Helped people in need, including those seeking help
  • Funded political projects from his pocket when required
  • Initiated and funded several charity works

Akhtaruzzaman Babu was a man full of love, hope, kindness, optimism and faith. He reminded us one could turn the light on even in the darkest of times, only if he or she wished to. His attitude and emotions towards life were beyond extraordinary since very few people manage to attain that kind of mindset. Nonetheless, at least we can all try to be a little more like him every day.

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