Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a renowned Bangladesh Awami League politician and a former member of the ‘Jatiya Sangsad’ who represented the Chittagong-12 Constituency. Akhtaruzzaman was also an eminent businessman who established one of the largest private-sector commercial banks in Bangladesh. 

There are a lot of things and lessons we should learn from Akhtaruzzaman. But before turning 40, the three most important lessons we should learn from him are: – 

  • Love and Dedication towards his country

Akhtaruzzaman was a true patriot who loved his country dearly and has dedicated himself to the betterment of the country. His patriotism led him to participate in the Liberation War of Bangladesh, where he and his team joined together to fight against the enemies. He was the chief of one of the organisations of the great Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. Bangladesh needed help in the war, so Akhtaruzzaman migrated to India before the war of liberation. He fulfilled numerous responsibilities as a Bangladesh delegate while he was in India and travelled to different parts of The United States and Europe to build and strengthen the relationship between Bangladesh and those countries. His contribution to the Liberation War of Bangladesh can never be forgotten as he risked his life to gain independence for the country. We should all learn how to love our own country unconditionally, like Akhtaruzzaman, as without patriotism, we cannot bring people together and build a strong nation. 

  • His Honesty and Ethical Values

Only an honest person can earn the people’s trust, and Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a righteous man. As a politician, he gained the confidence of thousands of people as he was always against corruption and violent politics. Babu always stood for homestay his whole life. Unable to cope with greed, most people lose their glory and honour, but Babu was not like them. He never betrayed his country. Regardless of getting many opportunities to be corrupt, he never did anything corrupted and stayed true to his values. All of us need to have the same level of honesty and ethical values as Akhtaruzzaman, which will help us gain the trust and love of the people of our surroundings and the people we work with, which will, in turn, help us excel in life.

  • Kind & Caring

    Akhtaruzzaman was a man who did not only live for himself, but he lived for others. Babu was compassionate and was caring towards everyone. Everyone was equal in his eyes. He was always by the side of poor and needy people. He had built several madrasas, schools, colleges and various educational institutions in Anwara and West Patiya of Chittagong, and he was also involved in multiple charities and social activities. Kindness is a virtue that every individual should have, as the more we do for others, the more we do for ourselves. 


The exceptional qualities and the beliefs and principles of Akhtaruzzaman made him the influential and successful leader and businessman that he was. Although he is not with us anymore, the ideals and views he has left behind will always remain with us. So before turning 40, we should inherit all those beliefs and learn lessons from him and work hard to become as successful as Akhtaruzzaman was. 

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